Valhalla MUD is a DikuMUD licensed under the VME 2.5-1 Business License to Valhalla Mud.[1]

Game playEdit

Getting startedEdit

A fantasy name is required.[1] You may choose race, 3 guilds, sex, and alignment. You must enter the game and save. Information on creating aliases is included in newbie equipment as your dictionary. Read, look, and "look at" sign return the content of the sign. There is an automated Newbie Guide Tour which until level 5 can be invoked by saying "help me newbie guide."[2]

Acquiring abilities, skills, and spellsEdit

Abilities, skills, and spells may be acquired and improved by practicing at the appropriate trainer. Available options are obtain by typing info and then info subtopic.


Low level characters have a hard time, available monsters are tough, flee fails, and regeneration is slow. There is little alternative but grinding out experience killing the few available low level monsters unless a quest rewarding experience point can be located and one. You cannot walk out of combat; if you try, you get the error message, "You are fighting for your life!". You can flee by explicit command or through wimpy. Using wimpy on Valhalla halves your earned experience from kills. Only after the mobile is unconscious can you move. At the end of combat the loser usually becomes unconscious and must explicitly be killed by "kill monster" or an additional offensive act.


If you are not rescued and die you leave your body behind and lose all equipment and inventory. It may be recovered by returning to your corpse and looting it. A light in the form of a silver ring can usually be obtained from the donation room to the east.[2]


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