• Fred Bauder

    Created Lalal on Multi Mud June 1, 2013, usual password. As promised on The Mud Connector, a friendly reception by Funklord. Chose faerie, good magical, maxed int wis and dex. Str is 0.

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  • Fred Bauder


    October 6, 2012 by Fred Bauder

    On Pict as Lal. Trained strength, dexterity, and vitality (nasty warrior) then used up all my practice points practicing skill axe. Couldn't make head or tail of the ASCII map, I never can, but scan and exits were implemented so eventually found my way out of camp and killed a deer, skinned it and got a pelt (pelts serve as trading items here), but got chased by a highly mobile aggressive dire wolf: he didn't actually follow; he just move fast from room to room. Flee worked, but not flee direction. Still, I got away and found my way back into the camp and quit. I'll be back at the same location with the same equipment when I log back in.

    The coder of Pict is calling on The Mud Connector forums for someone to write room descriptions for each…

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  • Fred Bauder

    Returning to Toril the time was 3am, but RL moments later the sun rose, the clock chimed 6am and the eastern gates of the city of Waterdeep opened. My map showed no bard's guild and it was not in the thieves guild, but a request on NHC revealed a location above a tavern in the northwest of the bazaar, but, alas, I was already trained up.

    Then a human newbie helper, level 1, contacted me by tell, and recalling to Waterdeep, gifted me with two awesome, but blessed, weapons, an eerily glowing trident and the sword of the glorious pearl, which he allowed were fearsome weapons, but could not survive renting. It turn out I could use neither, but as they could only be used on evil monsters we set out to find them.

    The east gates were closed, but he…

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  • Fred Bauder

    Out of Beluir

    October 5, 2012 by Fred Bauder

    The halfling bard, Labele, left the city gates of his hometown, Beluir, in hopes of finding his way to Waterdeep on TorilMUD. He did not get far, but soon encountered a dead end and a door that could not be opened, "A wooden door floats in the air here."

    • > exa door
      • "This simple wooden door wouldn't be at all interesting if it weren't for the fact that it hangs motionless in the middle of the trail. The wood is ancient and marked with a few faded runes, but otherwise it's featureless (although a bit small for a door come to think of it)."
    • > open door
      • "That's not a container."

    Indeed not, it was a portal, which could be entered, if one might happen to think of that possibility.

    Labele went merrily on his way, after his productive conversation with…

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  • Fred Bauder


    October 4, 2012 by Fred Bauder

    Created Lal on ShadowDale today as a halfling thief. No one else on; died of hunger; came back; found the donation room; got a bit of equipment and lots of bread, found my equipment, and my head, "Severed head of Lal"; left that in the donation room. Tried killing a squirrel; hard going; it kept regenerating. About that time a friendly player came along, tried to find me equipment, formed a group with me, and even planted an apple tree so I could always find food. Fred Talk 15:47, October 4, 2012 (UTC)

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