The Creators have given your people a world after a millenium of faithful service. The world of Promise is well loved, but wild. Your people, created from the wild animals of the Creator's world, have done much to make this home, but this tenuous peace was not to last.

The moon shattered, peppering Promise with fragments of her. Raquestia was no more. In its place, horror. The shadows emerged from the larger impacts and began terrorizing and destroying the beings they came into contact with. Soul stealers, wielders of terror, formless and unwilling to negotiate.

You are a soulless, born without a soul of their own, with the power to borrow the talents and abilities of your ancestors. You have the power to protect your people, but what sort of being are you?


  • Flexible Job System(Soul System) allows you to mix and match powers to your play style and swap up as situation or whim demands.
  • Player economy, build your own equipment the way you want it. Forget lists of static items, make things smaller, larger, faster, slower, and customize it to your own needs.
  • Less need for alts: You can earn new souls(jobs) and mix and match as you go.
  • Mobile Play: Earn points on the go, craft, gain levels, shop, and more through the web interface. You can chat and play from the web without a client.
  • Free to play: Game will always be free. Pay what you want, but never pay to win or pay to play.
  • Constant Story: Scenes run frequently by staff and player judges(earn premium currency by running plot)

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