Lengeria is a derivative of the Merc/Godwars line of muds. The code base was an alteration of godwars 1995 and written by a programmer going by the name of "Tetsuru Uzuki", in colaberation with "Marlow" who was a professor at the university of Washington.  In addition there the implementor going by the name of Rohan who handled world development, and several other "builders" helping to construct areas.

Lengeria closed down in 2001 as Marlow had to spend more time with his sister who was suffering from Cancer. Other members of the project team later went on to develop 'Prime' which was moderately more succesfull and at its peak would have over 100 simultatious users. 


  • Unique "Dragons" 
  • Innovative ASCII art integration
  • Conversion to a dice roll system for random number generation.

According to Tetsuru he no longer possess the source code for Lengeria, and that even if he did he would not release it as he was not the sole contributor to the project and would not release others work without their permission. He has stated that Prime is open source and all the developers agreed to its public release, and it is available upon request.  

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