KallistiMUD, also known as ErisMUD and Legends of Kallisti (LoK), is a DikuMUD that has be running with minor interruptions since 1992. It is traditional hack and slash style of gameplay in a medieval, swords and sorcery setting, with a loose theme of Discordia.

History Edit

Origins Edit

KallistiMUD was first conceived by a small group of friends at Oregon State University, led by one named "MGI". Much of the early codebase was taken from SolMUD, another early Diku that lost its server and was looking to relocate. After closing down for the summer months (the original server was reportedly located in MGI's dorm room), Kallisti returned for good in the fall of 1993.

ErisMUD Edit

Around 1996, much of the original team of administrators had either retired or ceased involvement in the day-to-day activities. The new administrators decided to revamp much of the traditional DikiMUD world and class/race structure. Following a short downtime, the mud rebranded itself as ErisMUD, keeping the tradition of the Discordia theme. Not all of the changes were popular however, especially the player wipe that forced the long-standing player population to start again from scratch. Over the next year, the server population dwindled.

Legends of Kallisti Edit

In early 1998, a coder nicknamed "Sammy" acquired the codebase from one of the old administrators and opened the 3rd incarnation, "Legends of Kallisti".

Features Edit

KallistiMUD currently features 100 mortal levels + special noble titles that are earned as players increase their stats via a meta shop. There is also a system of bloodlines, where a player's character can have "offspring" that inherit nobility and other perks.

External links Edit

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